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Explore the Sounds of Percussion with Sample Libraries

Percussion Sessions - Analog, Electro and Old-Skool has been formatted in all of today’s most popular file types: WAV, ACID, Apple Loops, and REX. All of the files have been carefully edited to loop perfectly without any complications, and with these formats, you can work with every major sampling and looping device on the market!

Percussion Sessions - Analog, Electro and Old-Skool has been organized into three main styles, Analog, Electro and Old Skool styles. Each Box in the library contains both a loops section and corresponding one-shots section and is a unique sound set unto itself. Instruments within the various boxes includes Kicks, Snares, Hats, Toms, Beeps, Clicks, Claps, Cowbell, Clave, SFX and many more Analog, Electro and Old Skool drum machine sounds. We've designed Percussion Sessions to be as flexible and usable as possible by providing you with the ability to mix n match parts within all kits and boxes in the entire library, no matter the style. You can use a single element by itself or increase the depth, complexity, and beauty by adding the additional loops and one-shots together. This freedom in flexibility gives you the ability to add the amount of depth and texture desired and provides you the total creative freedom to tweak to your heart's content.