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Explore the Sounds of Surf Rock with Kontakt

The Kontakt Performance Engine allows you to quickly and easily create fresh and unique music for your production, composing and arranging needs by providing complete control over the playback points of the included performances, as well as, all of the traditional mixer channel controls, and master effects. Use the sound effects and sound shaping tools to control the individual parameters of an instrument’s performance in order to create new performances quickly and easily. The full version of Kontakt 5 (5.6.5 or above) is required to use the Kontakt version of this product.

Surf is a massive collection smashed full of modern and traditional surf rock music styles. Doused with the raw sounds of electric, baritone and tremelo guitars, the vibrant vibes and rhodes, the electrical theramin, the distant rumble of the drums, and the sunny cadence of the piano and organ, this collection will satisfy even the most hardcore surfer. So go ahead, explore the sounds of surf and sink your toes into it!