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Drive your listener to the very edge of their seat with our high-caliber movie samples and one-shots. Our cinematic sounds will help you design an all-encompassing soundscape that will scoop up your audience straight into the expansive atmosphere of your design.Browse our cinematic sample library, full to bursting with a wide array of genres that will help you devise a sound experience like no other.From striking dramatic soundscapes and textures to dynamic rhythmic sequences,
our cinematic samples will be everything you need and more. Create atmosphere and suspense with synths, strings and atmospheres. Drive that earthy, magical aura home with chime guitars and koto ukuleles.With our cinematic sound effects and sound design, there’s no wrong answer. Film, TV, videogames, documentaries and commercials.Our cinematic sample library will get you where you need to go.
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Cinematic / 19 Results
  • Impulse
  • Lift
  • Illusion
  • Guitar Soundscapes
  • Echo
  • Acoustic Soundscapes
  • Cinematic Motion
  • Titan Filmscapes
  • Spark
  • Piano Soundscapes
  • Ambient Piano
  • Colours
  • Gravity
  • Amplified
  • Ambient Pop
  • Indie Pop
  • Spy
  • Synthetic
  • Ambient Guitars
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