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Where raw power and euphony coalesce – that’s where our cinematic electronica samples rise above the rest.Put those synths in motion, put those syncopated breakbeats to work, and craft a sound with our electronic samples with dazzling, sizzling voltage. From dubstep to dance, from electropop to industrial, inject some charisma into your production with the help of our soaring, harmonic synths and our deep, penetrating bass.
Our electronic music sample packs and instruments have it all, so whether you need something percussive and climactic with a heavy, driving bassline, or want to layer pulses, sequences, drops, and pads, we’ve got a selection of some of the best electronic sample packs out there. Kick ass. Take names. Our electronic music loops and one-shots are here to take you to the next level.
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Electronic / 14 Results
  • Synthetic
  • Motion
  • Gravity
  • Indie Pop
  • Percussion Sessions - Analog Electro and Old Skool
  • Cinematic Motion
  • Colours
  • Shout
  • Illusion
  • Piano Soundscapes
  • Spark
  • Switch
  • Titan Filmscapes
  • Acoustic Pop
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