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Folk & Ethnic

Take your audience on an aural journey they’ll never forget. Our ethnic samples will transport you and yours on a world-class journey of epic proportions. Browse our collection of folk samples and let your ears be enveloped with the sense-tingling, heart-thrilling sounds recorded around the world by musicians who have dedicated themselves to their crafts. Explore our folk samples and one-shots till you find just the sound you need.
Blend banjos and dobro guitars, fiddles and mandolins. Unite ukuleles and slide guitars, then throw in some acoustic guitar riffs for good measure. Captivate your audience with our ethnic loops and instruments, ready and waiting to enchant your listeners straight out of their seats and into the very core of international culture. New cultures. New sounds. New music. Enjoy.
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Folk & Ethnic / 23 Results
  • Acoustic Soundscapes
  • Lift
  • Country Roots
  • Island Guitars
  • Country Folk
  • Quirky Guitars Vol.1
  • Quirky Guitars Vol.2
  • Americana Songwriter
  • Gypsy Cafe
  • Mariachi
  • Americana Country
  • Drive
  • Guitar Sessions Contemporary Pop Guitars
  • Guitar Sessions Indie and Alternative Guitars
  • Guitar Sessions Pop Songwriting Guitars
  • Southern Rock
  • Vintage Guitars
  • Quirky Pop
  • Acoustic Indie Pop
  • Acoustic Pop
  • Acoustic Songwriter
  • Bluegrass
  • Bloom
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