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Pianos & Keyboards

The sonorous sound, the euphonic cadence - can anything contend with the acoustic poetry of piano keys in motion? We took the time to carefully collect some of the best piano loops and keyboard samples around to lend your project that sweeping symphonic resonance you’ve been dreaming of. Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Mellotron, we’ve got ‘em. Add some organ, slide in some keyboard, or get weird with our accordion samples.
We don’t mind. Honest. Sit back and let the rich unity of harmonics seep through your senses. Browse our piano samples pack to find that delicious, vibrant sound, those deep, sonorous chords, those bright, crisp notes that are waiting to amplify your talents to the nth degree. We’ve got ‘em. You want ‘em. Browse on, friend.
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Pianos & Keyboards / 42 Results
  • Acoustic Indie Pop
  • Acoustic Pop
  • Acoustic Soundscapes
  • Ambient Piano
  • Ambient Pop
  • Americana Country
  • Big Bad Horns Vol.1
  • Big Bad Horns Vol.2
  • British Invasion Rock
  • Cinematic Motion
  • Classic Rock
  • Colours
  • Country Folk
  • Country Pop
  • Crossroads Blues
  • Crush
  • Drive
  • Electrifried Blues
  • Elevate
  • Funky Gumbo
  • Gravity
  • Gypsy Cafe
  • Indie Pop
  • Modern Country Vol.1
  • Modern Country Vol.2
  • Motion
  • Nu-Soul
  • Piano Soundscapes
  • Pop Rocks
  • Punk n Ska
  • Quirky Guitars Vol.1
  • Quirky Guitars Vol.2
  • Rock N Indie Songwriter
  • Rock n Soul
  • Southern Rock
  • Spy
  • Surf
  • Switch
  • Synthetic
  • Titan Filmscapes
  • Velocity
  • Wild West
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