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Want your project to sing? Literally? Then here be the vocal samples that will take your production straight into realms of hitherto unexplored awesome-sauce. Yep, you heard us right. We said it, and we’re not taking it back because it’s the truth, dammit. We’ve got a library of vocal loops, samples, and instruments that will breathe the human element into your project with that ever-enticing, ever-elusive je ne sais quoi. Our vocal hooks will lend that flourishing touch that only the human voice can supply. Let those vibratos reound, let those falsettos ring, let those harmonies unite.
You need vocal loops and one-shots that showcase the versatility of voice, and we won’t let you walk away empty handed. From pop-rock to folk to R&B, our vocalists are ready to provide the perfect balance for your production, whether it be some layered vocal pads, or a chorus of wow-inducing background vocals. So, go forth. Explore. Delve into our collection of vocal samples so that your project can truly, exquisitely, symphonically – sing.
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Vocals / 19 Results
  • Scream
  • Shout
  • Crush
  • Acoustic Pop
  • Colours
  • Elevate
  • Indie Pop
  • Fury
  • Pop Rocks
  • Synthetic
  • Mariachi
  • Drive
  • Country Folk
  • Nu-Soul
  • Piano Soundscapes
  • Titan Filmscapes
  • Acoustic Soundscapes
  • Acoustic Indie Pop
  • Modern Country Vol.1
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