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We're all pretty nice here...but

play us a Mexican food commerical track using synthesized, no-cajones instruments and...

well amigo, you WILL feel our wrath.

If you're here, you feel the same way

You know that if you want authentic music, you need to use authentic sounds. And while the audience (the TV viewer, the radio listener, your mom...) isn’t quite as finicky as us, they’ll detect that something is amiss. The music just won’t ring true for them, and their experience will suffer as a result.

As former session players and music producers, we come from a world of playing, recording, and producing everything live. To us, there’s nothing better than pure, raw music where you can feel the emotion and passion coming through.

So you can imagine how weird it felt when we made a career switcheroo and became a music composer for TV shows, movies and commercials – a job that relies heavily on music samples in order to turn things around quickly.

We're fairly certain we searched every crevice of the internet for music sample libraries that were real - that is, performed and recorded by real musicians and engineers, in real studios, with state of the art equipment.

Scratchin' that damn itch

After months of complaining about the state of sample libraries and their impact on our music/reputation/ears, we did something about it: we started to create our own.

As anyone who knows us will attest to, we don’t do things by halves – which meant that creating the music started looong before the studio recording. We:

  1. Compiled a list of all the music library styles that were either really bad or didn’t exist.
  2. Listened to authentic examples of each style – over and over and over, deconstructing them, putting them back together, and figuring out their tiny little nuances.
  3. Found the best living players in the world for these styles. Sometimes they were friends and fellow musicians; other times we traveled to the birthplace of the music and found native masters in their respective genres.
  4. Composed the music for them to perform, and it was only then that we recorded, edited and formatted it for our music libraries.

We followed this same format all around the world. from Havana to Herzegovina, Memphis to Mexico City, Bengal to Botswana, and plenty more! What’s more, we continue to travel constantly so that we can learn new styles and record more music for you to use and enjoy.

If we do say so ourselves, the difference is palpable

Take a listen:

Scuzzy sample from another site

Splendiferous sample from my collection

Get what we're sayin'?!

We realized that we could put our stuff out there and let other frustrated music makers use it.

Because we're nice like that ;)

But also because it suits us: We enjoy studying and understanding different forms of music and niche instruments, and – thanks to a long and assorted job history in this industry – we have the friends and contacts in place to help us write, record and produce content that composers, producers, songwriters and music creatives are crying out for.

The music sounds real because it is real

It also happens to be less expensive and time consuming for you than hiring and recording your own musicians from around the world.

You can take any of our libraries and quickly put together professional sounding tracks and demos that have character, life and personality.

Inauthentic music isn’t the only thing that rubs us up the wrong way though.

Let us get this off our chest…

What is up with those pathetically small libraries – the ones with just a few short loops mashed together? You shouldn’t be stuck trying to create full length songs and arrangements with two or three lame audio files!

We give you flexibility to create music that’s special, original, and only restricted by your creativity – so all our libraries contain multiple song sections, parts and variations for each instrument. Through mixing, matching and rearranging, there’s enough variety in each library to create unlimited new creative masterpieces.


The logo isn’t meant to represent the exasperation or frustration, by the way..

That logo is a kind of morbid (now that I think about it) “Dia de los Muertos” inspired picture of my really cute dog. (Skull art is a big deal in Mexico, and we are big fans of Mexico.)

Our dog’s name is Diego, and it’s because of him that we named our company “Dieguis Productions”.

You pronounce it “d-egg-eez”.

Diego the dog has nothing to do with music, and the name of the company is clearly ridiculous because no one knows how to pronounce it.

What can we say? Branding clearly isn’t our forte – and we'll deal with that as soon as we've put the world to rights over crappy music libraries.

The team that makes it happen

We're a small team of musicians and production specialists, and together we compose, record and create the cool stuff that you'll find on this website.

We love creating

We're committed to our craft

We want you to be happy

Ok, you officially know EVERYTHING

Now go check out our music! Or if you prefer, you can take a look at the process involved in creating it.

Find out more about our creative process

Maybe you want to try your hand at mixing some of it?

Mix the Muzak

And if you need a shoulder to cry on about any horrific music libraries you’ve come across lately, I’m right here for you buddy: get in touch.

(Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi – that’s fine too.)