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Kontakt Performance Engine Overview

Kontakt Performance Engine

There’s only one way to make music that sounds genuine ...  record world class musicians, in real studios, using real instruments and then capture the authentic sounds, unmistakable vibe and magic that happens! The Dieguis Production’s Kontakt Performance Engine, is a collection of custom scripted Kontakt instruments that allow you to access this magic; and then quickly and easily create fresh and unique music for your production, composing and arranging needs. We pay meticulous (some might say ridiculous) attention to every recorded detail and stylistic characteristic, and we guarantee you’ll love what you hear. The Kontakt Performance Engine includes three Instrument Types: Performance Instrument, Single Instrument and Sliced Instrument.

Performance Instrument

The Performance Instrument provides you with the flexibility to quickly and easily customize and control the included instruments and to create arrangements that meet your production, composing and arranging needs. This instrument type gives you the ability to control and customize the various playback points in order to create new and unique performances, as well as, control all of the traditional mixer channel controls and master effects. Create quick mockups, fast arrangements and demo the various instruments and song kits in the library.

Single Instrument

The Single Instrument allows you to manipulate the included content even further by controlling the start, playback and end points of the various audio files in order to create new and unique performances. Use the saved slots and performance controls to rearrange, control and save the customized performances to meet your arranging and production needs.

Sliced Instrument

The Sliced Instrument includes various sound effects, sound shaping and performance tools which allow you to control the individual parameters of an instruments performance and create new performances quickly and easily. Use the performance and playing modes to quickly tweak, manipulate and create unique performances that have been created by you.