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Kontakt Performance Engine Sliced

Sliced Instruments

The Sliced Instrument includes various sound effects, sound shaping and performance tools which allow you to control the individual parameters of an instruments performance.

The Sliced Instrument is divided into four sections: Playing Mode, Play Window, Big Knobs and Effects.
The “Sliced Instruments” provide two customizable playing modes;
“Performance” and “Slice” modes.


The “Performance” mode allows you to create and customize a performance by controlling the notes playback location in real time.
“Start Offset” allows you to choice which “slice” will start the performance when triggered from C0. “Note” shows the triggered key on the keyboard.
“Transpose” allows you to raise or lower the pitch of a performance in semitones higher or lower.
“Rate” allows you to play the performance in standard tempo (1X), half-tempo (1/2X) and double time (2X).
“Random” will automatically create randomized performances which can humanize performances, as well as create new ideas for performances instantly.

Slice Mode

The “Slice” mode maps each of the performance’s slice to a single key on the keyboard.
The “Slice” mode has two performance options, “Continuous” and “One-Shots”.
The “Continuous” mode allows you to create customized performances by performing the trigger location from your controller in real-time..
The “One-Shot” mode allows you to trigger one of the audio file’s slices as a single performance.
The “Slice Window” provides custom controls for controlling, adjusting and manipulating the instruments performances.
“Name Display” displays the name of the instruments performances in a dropdown menu.
The “Key Switches” (red keys), allow you to cycle through the instruments performances.
“Auto Play” allows the adjusted parameters to be heard in real-time.
The “Drag and Drop” Midi functionality allows you to drag and drop the adjusted midi file performance to your DAW. Create unique and customized performances quickly and then drag them into your DAW of choice.

Performance Parameters

The “Slice Window” allows you to control eight different performance parameters.
“Stretch” allows you to increase the “stretch” or the length of a slice sample.
“Volume” will control the loudness of the adjustment of the individual sample slice.
“Pitch” allows you to increase or decrease the sample slice up or down by 12 semitones. Dragging up on the bar raises the pitch and dragging down decreases the pitch in single semitone increments.
“Pan” controls the placement of the sample slice in the stereo mixing field. The bar is in the “center” by default. Dragging the bar up moves the audio into the “right” of the stereo image, and dragging the bar down moves the audio into the “left” of the stereo image.
“Attack” specifies the amount of time the audio slice will reach its maximum level when triggered. Add a longer attack time by dragging up on the sample slice bar. In extreme amounts, this can act like a volume swell.
“Decay” will control the time is will take the envelope to fall from its maximum level. Drag the bar down on the individual slice to shorten the decay time.
“Cutoff” controls the amount of cutoff effect being applied to the individual slice.
“Resonance” controls the amount of cutoff effect being applied to the individual slice.

Edit Parameters

The “Edit” button allows you to quickly switch between “Single Parameters” and “All Parameters”.
In “Single Parameters” mode you can choose between Clear, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Sine, Comb and Random.
The “All Parameters” mode allows you to choose between “Clear and Random”.
The “All Parameters” mode “Clear” allows you to remove each of the parameter adjustments all at once.
The “All Parameters” mode “Random” allows the performance to be randomized.


The “Performance” controls allow for greater customization and behavioral functionality to the performance.
“X-Fade” controls the amount of crossfade applied in between two notes when switching between them.
“Groove” allows you to control and customize the performance to fit your productions needs. Quickly and easily adjust the “Tightness” or “Looseness” of a performance.
“Stretch” allows you to choose between “High Quality” or “Low Quality” time stretching in order to achieve different effects.
The “Big Knobs” control two, library specific, global effects.
Each of the knobs will control the amount or level of the global effect and allow you quickly add character to a performance.
The “Effects” slots contain six different slots of effect controls for each instrument.
The “Effects” slots are categorized by effect type for quick selection.
Use the FX dropdown menu to choose the categorized effect type.
Turn on/off the FX and adjust the parameters of the FX chosen.