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Deluxe - Contains all of the melodic, harmonic, non-harmonic and rhythmic instruments, parts and variations that we recorded at the session. This is the works and includes all of the juicy bits this product has to offer.

Drums Only - Contains only the drum and percussion elements and samples. No melodic/harmonic instruments are included. Multi Format products will contain both stereo and 24bit multitrack audio files, if multitrack drums are included for the product.Kontakt, Ableton and Maschine formats will contain only stereo files.

Test Drive - Contains 2-3 complete kits chosen from the deluxe version of the library which includes all of the audio files, all of the formats, and all of the multitrack drums (if applicable) from the test kits. Test drive allows you to try out any library for $7, and we'll even send you a coupon for $7 which you can apply towards your purchase of the deluxe version afterwards.