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Awesome Sauce!

This pack is awesome! Very retro, analog sounding with a modern pop production. Great taste for anybody who is doing anything from pop to indie to rock and looking for inspiration!

Performance test of Modern Country Collection Vol. 1

I like the products of Dieguis Productions. Especially the Kontakt format. You can work very fast out of an idea and then refine this idea. This gives you many opportunities to write a cool song. And they sound great! Peter

Great quality

As always great quality of sounds. Well done, again!!!!

This is the go to Cinematic library.

You heard the demo. Impeccable sounds non like it on the web.Go for it satisfaction guaranteed.

Another great samples of loops!

If you love bluegrass and want to create your own unique song..
This, I can recomend...
I have tried 3 Test Drives from this site, and I just love it!

Sublime Test Drive

These contemporary Pop Guitars are rocking !!!

Love the variety in this Test Drive, 3 different songs with each very different instrumentation.
The quality is pristine and crisp sounding, this might be an upcoming library on my HD :)

Great sense!

I had the chance to test drive "Illusion" collection. What I can say is that I loved the samples. Great quality accompanied by inspiring ideas. I caught myself jamming over the samples for hours. Great job guys! Nice recording quality!

You should try it out!

So well made loops..
Great sounds with lots of instruments..
I have Studio One Artist
Let's Play!!

Fantastic.... I just love it!

For me, that don't play any instruments but loves to sing , this is just perfect....
So much fun....

One of his kind!!!!

I love the quality of Dieguis libraries and this one is not an exception.
It's really great and it worths!!!

YES it's GREAT!!!!

If you want to have inspiration then go for that library.
Worth every cent :)

I love it

I really love the quality of sound from this library. GREAT!!!!

Excellent library

Very playable, excellent sound and a must have product :)

Well thought out

Easy to use and well thought out package.
Great sounds

This Library is suited for commercial TV or Library music.

Velocity is a wonderful selection of Bass,Acoustic Guit,Electric Guit, Drum's. This Library is suited for commercial TV or Library music. Add some piano and strings, synth. I think it would be able to earn you some money being placed in a library.It sounds like the band is playing in your studio.

Dope Drums!!

Has a couple dope drum loops, but the oneshots themselves....that's where this pack shines!!

Trailer Sound Design

I use Cinematic Motion for my backing tracks also moods for Video Trailers.They give me a starting point.Especially the sequence pulses give a drive to my tracks. As always Dieguis has loops that are seamless and match no matter how you mix them up.That's why I buy there library's.

Impulse is a great Library

I'm a Keyboardist,So a guitar library is essential in my setup.All the work is done for you.Intro,Verse,Etc.No matter how you mix and match the samples they are seamless.If you have Logic you can transpose the samples.This is better than just regular samples that some Library's give.

A fantastic inspiration booster!

This one just made me think different. The authentic production of this sample pack is amazing!

By far my favorite!

This pack is awesome! Blending indie, a little folk, and some electronic all together to make up this awesome pack of loops and samples. Since it's royalty free I have been using these on my productions. Not only do they sound great, it speeds up my work flow a ton.

High quality electronic pack

I really dig this pack. I recently used it on a production I was making and it sounds awesome. High quality samples and loops!

Awesome pack!

Super cool loops. Sound quality is great! I am really enjoying using this pack.

Great sounding and flexible horn parts

I really love this library, it has a great range of horn parts that are recorded clearly so you can mix them however you please. I would particularly recommend the Kontakt version for this one otherwise it can take more time to splice the various loops to fit with your song.

Great sounding library for a difficult to replicate genre

Unless you live in Mexico, it can be a little difficult to get a really authentic sounding mariachi sound so this library has been very useful for me particularly on one project where I needed to create a mariachi sound but lacked the budget to both record (and more importantly find!) a group of pro mariachi players.

Great for inspiration and improv practice!

I've used the gypsy cafe collection a couple of times as a basis for a song I've been working on but what it's been most useful for is to practice my improv / soloing on guitar. I can isolate just the drums or an instrumental track to get lots of variety whilst I'm jamming along with the track and coming up with ideas. A very useful and versatile tool for composers and musicians.