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We’re a small team of musicians and production specialists, and together we compose, record and create the music that you’ll find on this website.

But what are we aiming to do here? What makes us different? Why do we get out of bed every morning? Why should you care?

Authenticity: We're bringing it back

Most music libraries are like string cheese and chicken flavored potato chips: they give the sense of being synthetic, artificial approximations of the real thing. When you hear it, you KNOW it’s not what the real, authentic version sounds like. It feels wrong, sounds wrong, and contains no love or appreciation for the genre. And let’s be honest: it hurts your ears, doesn’t it?

Before we compose and record any music, we go out and find the best players for each genre, and the best engineers to capture the magic. We’ll also often travel to the birthplace of the music, in order to learn more about the culture and environment from which it originated.

As a result, you get the actual cheese; the real chicken.

By using our sample libraries, you’ll be able to quickly create music that sounds genuine and authentic: because it is.

Being human: it's underrated

Computers are awesome for so many things in life, but they truly suck at playing power chords. In order for music to sound like it’s been performed by a human, you need a human to perform it (for now, at least).

That’s why all our music libraries contain recordings of worldclass musicians who use real instruments and perform in real studios. If you want to create tracks so full of life that you can feel the soul, it’s the only way to do things.

Expectations: they need to be exceeded

You’ve probably done your fair share of sighing about the teeny-tinyness of some of the music libraries you’ve bought in the past: just a few short loops of synthetic and soulless samples to work with.

No more! Quit trying to create full-length songs and projects from “slim-pickin’s”, and take a look at what we have to offer instead: jam-packed libraries with multiple song sections, parts and variations for each instrument. You’ll be able to create unlimited new songs that sound unique, dynamic, and exactly how you intended.

Frustration: we remove it

Do you need to create music FAST? Are you on a crazy deadline? We know the feeling. All that time spent importing individual audio files into workstations and samplers, then trying to figure out which parts would sound great togehter. Are they in the same key? Does the BPM match??

Our libraries are optimized to enable you to create immediately. We include DAW Sessions and custom scripted Kontakt players for all our libraries. We’ve also pre-loaded the samples, mapped them out and pre-mixed them for you, which means you have brarely any fiddling around to do.

Boundaries: we like to burst them

We love creating popular styles that are in demand for TV, music, commercials and record production - and if you look through our catalog you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

We also LOVE the challenge of creating libraries that are a bit more “niche” and hard to find. When you browse our catalog, you’ll see brass band, bluegrass, mariachi, gypsy swing, delta blues, surf, southern rock, old-timey country and more - in addition to the more “commercial” styles.

Our large range of original and uncommon styles will help you challenge the assumption that only certain kinds of music can be created with sample libraries and virtual instuments.

Your success: our responsibility

You’re a music creator. We are here to inspire you to create at your full potential.

You shouldn’t have to conduct background research into genres - nor should you need to create your own music samples, or find and record the best session players around the world, or know exactly which combination of gear will pull out all the juicy details of each instrument. Those bits are our job - what we do best.

Your job? Your job is to take our sample libraries and make them your own. Release all that creativity and make the music you’ve always dreamed of making.

Then site back, relax, and bask in the wonderful feeling of fulfillment.